First Connecticut Lake - Racing in the 2014 North Country Endurance Challenge

(Photo by Dave Koenig)

2014 Åre Extreme Challenge - Mountain Running on the Swedish Fjallen!

Circumnavigating Manhattan under moonlight with Team KenX.  28 miles of pure epicness!  

Harlem River Boathouse.  Photo compliments of Nick Gottlieb.

Summit of Little Annapurna, Enchanted Lakes. Ten miles and 7100' elevation gain.  Best view in the Cascades! 

Crossing the East Branch of the Amstel, Holland

Our crew at Kingdom Trails in Vermont- Best single track in the Northeast!

Astrid at Kingdom Trails, Vermont in Autumn

Ledyard, Lozers, and The Bad News Boat Squad on the Penobscot River in Maine

Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland

Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik

Epic downhill riding Åreskutan - Much needed energy on the descent

Venturing on the Connecticut River in Vermont on my Bachelor Party

Darling Hill, Kingdom Trails Vermont - First time riding this incredible trail system.

Bryan working his way up Highline.  Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock in the background.

Courthouse Butte on the Bell Rock pathway

Magnificent Mescal in Sedona.  Completely different experience riding it both directions.

Crash Test Pilot, Field Medic and Mechanic make a good combination for some good times

It does not have to be technical to be simply amazing on a typical day riding Sedona

Heavenly, Lake Tahoe

Þingvellir National Park, Iceland. Extraordinary landscape where Eurasian and N. American plates are drifting apart.

Horsing around in the Icelandic countryside :-)

Competing in the 2011 Greenway Challenge on the Blackstone River

Freestyle event of the 2013 Whitewater Triple Crown

Competing in Slalom in the 2011 Whitewater Triple Crown

30 km outside Amsterdam off the beaten path along the road less traveled in Holland

One of a kind experience cycling the countryside outside of Amsterdam with Rebecca from Wheely Dutch Tours

Crossing the Swedish 'Vildmark' on route to Sylarna

My first venture in Sweden with Alf.  The Jämtland Triangle - Storulvån - Sylarna - Blåhammeran

Astrid and I were married in Frösö Kyrka, a 12th century medieval church in Jämtland, Sweden

North Bubble, Acadia National Park Overlooking Jordan Pond and coastal islands

Old seminary in Quebec City. Stepping into the inner courtyard

View of Palisades on Squaw Peak, Squaw Valley.  Sun Bowl snowfield on the left

View southern ridge-lines of Mt Katahdin from Nesaudnahunk Falls on the Penobscot

In search of the perfect sauna....... Vålåvalen - Vålåstugorna - Lunndörren

The benefit of working at a company like Waters is getting to meet so many amazing people

2008 Tuckerman Inferno with Waters Teammates, Family and Friends

Fowlersville Falls.  60' long plunge and first drop on the bottom section of the Moose River.

Knifes Edge rapid, Moose River in Adirondacks, New York

Surfing in High Falls on the Cheat River Canyon in West Virginia

Shurform Slide on the Moose River in the Adirondacks of New York

The Tip Off on the South Kaibab Trail is located 1000 feet above the Colorado River

First Place Dynamic Duo in 2008 Tuckerman Inferno with teammate Dave Mingori

 Cartwheeling my way through Dragons Tooth  - Deerfield Riverfest August 2004 
(Photo by Patrick Rogers)

Philmont Scout Ranch 1988 Rocky Mountain Camp