Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kicking off the season with 2015 Berkshire Highlands Pentathlon!

The "Highlands" of Western Massachusetts will come alive on Saturday March 28, 2015!

The last few seasons a multisport event came to reality in the small town of Charlemont, MA nestled in the picturesque Deerfield River Valley.  The Berkshire Highlands Pentathlon even in its infancy is becoming an annual gathering of outdoor enthusiasts, some getting together for the first time since the fall paddling and biking season ended. Many are sharing in their final après ski from what became one of the finest seasons in Southern New England. Well established businesses in outdoor recreation exist in Charlemont adding a strong sense of pride and volunteerism making this event totally possible.

Deerfield River Valley
Off-season training requires unrelenting commitment and preparation; base building, intervals and strength training for early spring multisport.  Finding ways to get outdoors cycling, paddling and running in the New England winter also proves difficult; snow, ice, frigid temperatures and wind chill, including shorter days. Elements of cross training, cross country and alpine skiing are great ways to rid yourself of the boredom spending countless hours indoors.  For many seasons it was training all the way up until the Tuckerman Inferno in mid-April and that was a gratifying way to keep in shape and keep you REAL honest in the off-season.  Berkshire Highlands Pentathlon answers the call, adding a similar race, positioned earlier in spring and parallels its "big brother" Tuckerman Inferno in many ways.

A lively group of  safety boaters  representing the strong sense of community and pride in the Deerfield River Valley.
Last year was my renaissance and look forward to building on that in 2015.  Having expanded my training plan to include treadmill running in addition to trails I will be getting back on the road for the first time in over 7 years.  This is a game changer and has opened up some more solo entries in multisport racing.  I am going to miss competing as a duo in these events with past teammates but I am ready to take on new challenges including going head to head with many of my old teamattes. Mike and John... It's Game On!

"Tam o Shanter" Team Wild WATERS First Place division and third overall 2 hours 52 minutes!
Teammatte Chef Mike did not have time to stick around for the short celebration on the podium.  
Here is some media that hopefully lives up to the hype of this simply outstanding and unique multisport event in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Welcome Spring as we collectively prepare to kickoff the 2015 racing season together!

Work Hard, Train Hard, Play Harder.......